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Choosing Golf Practice Mats For Better Performence
September 12, 2013

Just How Helpful Are Golf Mats? – Learn All About Them and How You Can Improve Using Them

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Golf mats are very helpful if you want to practice your technique at home. They are a cost effective alternative to going out to the driving range to practice your golf swing. These help you be as close to the real fairway as possible and allow you to practice in the privacy of your own backyard, game room or even your living room. They help prevent you from destroying your back yard grass while practicing your golfing skills. You can purchase mats for indoors or outdoors, which comes in handy during inclement weather!

Some of the golf mats have springs that will absorb the shock when driving and it makes it feel very much like a true fairway. There are mats that have gel inside that absorb the shock and vibration of golfing.  There are many different golf mats  so there is definitely one out there that will fit you perfectly.  A great place to shop around and see the different ones is

Golf driving mats range from a piece of carpet with a foam backing to the much better and higher quality mat that even has a place for your tee. It also helps prevent the risk of injury by absorbing the shock of a fat shot. You will want to do a bit of research so that you get the right mat for your unique skills and requirements.

Golf Training Aids – Find Out How to Improve Your Game Now!

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You’ve been out on the golf course enough to realize some situations are more stressful that others? Your relationship with your driver is not as good as you would like? No matter what kind of problem you have with your golf game you can be sure there’s a golf training aid to help you out. There are many options to choose from but here’s a quick list to get you started.

Golf Mats and Golf Nets

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is to practice your swing, this means taking a lot of practice shots. The most obvious option is to head out to the driving range but this can get expensive. Having your own private practice area at home is a great option to consider. The first thing you will need is a golf mat, and possibly a golf net. A good golf mat is a surface that mimics the fairway and allows you to practice your golf swing in your backyard without destroying your turf. A high quality mat will also allow you to insert a tee and will absorb the shock when you take a fat shot, reducing the risk of injury. If you want to actually hit golf balls then a net is a must. With a golf net you won’t have to go very far to retrieve the balls and you also won’t need 300 yards of clear open space in your backyard.

Putting Mats

A putting mat can be very useful with helping your putting game. They come in various shapes and sizes and will even fit in very small spaces. You can find mats for indoor or outdoor use. Another useful feature of golf putting mats is the ball return so you can spend more time practicing and less time chasing your golf balls. Like the golf mats, having a nice little setup at home will allow you to practice your putting whenever you feel like it, even if you only have 5 minutes.


One of the biggest problems that golfers face is the slice but there might be a shortcut for this one. If you’ve tried fixing your swing by hitting the ball in the right plane and tried fixing your grip so you don’t hit the ball with an open face and you still have problems with slicing then you can get something called an anti-slice driver. It’s a special club designed with an offset shaft that fixes the angle of the club face at impact. It helps eliminate the spin which in turn eliminates the slice.

Books, E-books and DVDs

There is a huge number of books and DVD programs that have been created to help you to fix any part of your golf game. Whether you want to improve your swing or your mental game you will find a program designed just for that. Video products have an advantage over books in that they can demonstrate techniques and practice drills in real-time or slow motion. On the other hand you might prefer a good book with key pictures to help you grasp the most important aspects. If you can’t wait and want the information right away, an e-book will usually be available on demand and can be downloaded 24/7.

No matter which golf training aid you decide to use remember that it will only help you if you use it! Don’t just buy something because it’s endorsed by your favorite player. Get something that will help you with the specific area of your game you are trying to improve and something that you know will get you excited every time you use it. Consistency over time will yield great results on your scorecard!

Golf Practice Net – 4 Wonderful Reasons For Having One

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Ever felt like swinging at the golf ball but couldn’t be bothered to head out to the range or just didn’t have the opportunity?

Looking for a great way to keep the kids entertained which is fun and uses up their amazing energy levels?

A Golf Practice Net or as sometimes called golf hitting nets really are a great way to improve your golf swing at your own convenience or just have bags of fun! Lets look at 4 reasons why this is so!

1. Great fun for all the family (and friends):

This one is a real favourite of mine! A golf hitting net can be used by everyone which is a great way to involve your family and friends in the thing you love doing or the sport they love doing…because you can use a golf practice net for soccer, baseball, softball, football and any other idea you may have- what a hit with the kids!

2. Improve your game at home:

When you feel like spending a short time swinging at the golf ball to work on your swing, release the days tension or just occupy yourself for a short time without leaving the home, this is where a golf practice net comes in handy, and you may check it with

An advantage of using a golf practice net is that you can work out problems you have had on the course in the comfort of your home.

You may have used a golf training aid or had a lesson with the golf pro and every one knows the more you practice a skill the better you will become and much sooner. You can always step up to your golf practice net at any time even for a few minutes as many times a day!

3. Save on fuel and range costs:

Another good benefit of a golf practice net- especially during these difficult financial times is you get to save on fuel and golf range costs. That can’t be bad when you think of a cost of a bucket of balls and the drive to and fro, plus if you’re like me, the cost of a drive through meal on the way…and sometimes on the way back too!

4. Poor weather:

Yes, you did read this correct …poor weather! But for anyone who wishes to work on their swing during a storm, maybe Dr Phil could benefit you.

But seriously, you can even use a golf practice net indoors. They are easily assembled and disassembled and are very safe to use indoors…even for the worlds worst golfer…they are designed for safety.

And if Dr Phil couldn’t help you out and you still want to practice during storms, then rest assured, golf hitting nets are made to withstand inclement weather….they are weather durable.

So if you get to feeling a little lazy sometimes like me, happy to save on fuel and range costs like me, or want to involve the whole family in great fun activities at home which I find so much fun…then you can’t go wrong getting yourself a golf practice net. They also come with all weather durable bags to protect them if in storage or transit.

But don’t worry about redecorating the garden with your swing as you usually get a golf mat thrown into the package or you can purchase one for just a few dollars.